Common questions customers ask about finding a part number.

Many customers come to me with questions about a part number that they can’t locate on the website. This is common, as our part numbers are not on the casters we sell. These questions usually revolve around three main scenarios: the customer is looking at a casting number, they are looking for a caster part number with accessories, or they are trying to find a special number.

Let’s look at each of these common situations and provide some answers.

Casting Numbers

Casting numbers are the numbers stamped on the inside of the caster wheel. Many customers incorrectly come to us thinking that’s the part number.

To find the part number in this situation, we start by asking if it is a wheel only or a complete caster. Once we have that information then we talk about the bearings in the wheels. We also determine if there is a urethane coating on the wheel. If the wheel has a urethane coating, then we ask what color it is and how thick the urethane is. We also ask if they know the diameter and width of the wheel. The next question that we ask is about the bearing in the wheel if they know what type and size. These series of questions will help us determine which caster our customer is looking for.

Add-On Options.

Another common question about part numbers on the website has to do with add-on options. The numbering for options such as locks, brakes, or toe guards, will not show up on the website. Knowing that when searching will help the customer to get the caster information that they are looking for. For example, if you have a caster part number 55-08202-44-1LPTG, this number won’t show up on a search. However, if you take off the LPTG, you will be able to bring up the general specifications that most customers are looking for on the casters.

Special Numbers

The third common situation focuses on special numbers. These part numbers typically start with SP or SPD. This means that something is special about the caster, so it is not listed on the website. We often hear this question about SP part numbers from fabricators or other customers that purchase casters for an end user.

When someone calls with a SP or SPD number, I explain that something is special about that number, so it would not be listed on the website. While our standard part numbers read like a language and call out a caster’s basic specs, we can modify or customize our casters to fit a specific application. We assign each custom-designed caster a part number that begins with SP or SPD. This process identifies it as belonging to the customer who requested the design.

Why is this beneficial?  A unique caster design is created for your company and no one else. This enables you to update or change your design at any time without changing the part number.  You also have the option to view and approve a drawing before it goes to the manufacturing floor. If your need for a caster does not fit any of our standard casters, you’re not stuck! We can change things like overall height and width, mounting plate size, bolt pattern, swivel lead length, and more.

You also aren’t restricted to specific wheel sizes or dimensions when ordering. SP or SPD part numbers are assigned to just wheels as well as full swivel or rigid casters, keyway wheels, V-groove, flanged wheels, and more.

We are here to answer any questions you may have to make the process easier.

Because we can offer so many options and combinations of aspects on a caster, we could never list all of them on our website or in our catalog. Caster Concepts does not fit inside “the box,” and we don’t expect our customers’ needs to either.

If you happen to find yourself in one of these situations — a casting number that is stamped on the wheel, a caster with accessories, or a special number — you can reach out to us for further information. Asking a few questions will help us narrow down your specific part!