Aluminum Shock-Absorbing Casters take on the wet, the weight, and a wide variety of surface conditions.

Heavy-duty casters come in a wide variety of styles and materials, including the many benefits of aluminum.  It’s a popular material for casters because it is lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant while supporting a great deal of weight. Aluminum shock absorbing casters have become increasingly popular in numerous industries for their ability to overcome environmental challenges, such as rough terrain, water, and even imperfections in flooring. 

The Benefits of Aluminum Casters 

Though many shock absorbing casters are constructed from steel or cast iron, aluminum casters have several advantages over these other materials. 

  • Rust-free material.  Operating in a damp or wet environment requires aluminum casters designed to resist rust and corrosion in even the wettest of environments. 
  • Lightweight design. Aluminum casters weigh about 40% less than their steel and iron counterparts on average, This makes them ideal for use in applications with tight weight clearances. 
  • Non-magnetic, spark-free metal. In healthcare and other environments, avoiding magnetism and sparks is incredibly important. Aluminum shock absorbing casters provide both of these benefits. 
  • Aesthetics. If you operate in a public-facing environment, aesthetics are important. Aluminum is more visually appealing than steel or iron and maintains a clean, crisp appearance for its entire lifespan when properly maintained.  
  • Large capacity range. Aluminum shock-absorbing casters’ capacities range from 500 to 25,000 pounds per caster depending on size and design. This variety allows you to enjoy the benefits of aluminum in virtually every setting within your company. 

The Importance of Shock Absorption

Aluminum shock absorbing casters not only reduce the risk of employee injury due to jarring and vibration, but they can also keep fragile loads safe during transport. These casters ensure that less energy is transferred to the cart or rack itself – and ultimately to the person operating it. Outdoor applications are a great place to use aluminum casters because the casters allow loads to move smoothly over uneven surfaces.  Production facilities with flooring imperfections are another great candidate for shock-absorbing casters. And in the healthcare industry, they move multi-million dollar equipment from one area to the next.

 Whether moving loads of glass from production to warehousing or wheeling a patient into surgery, most industries utilize aluminum shock-absorbing casters. Their ability to absorb shock due to uneven ground or even imperfections in flooring keeps the load itself safer and protects the wellbeing of employees at the same time.