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Searching for a new caster manufacturer that gives you high quality, at a competitive price? You certainly have plenty of choices. Below are five distinct qualities that you should look for in a caster manufacturer:

1. Expertise

If you’re going to buy multiple casters for your business, it’s crucial to purchase them from a caster manufacturer with plenty of expertise in your industry.

Caster Concepts has developed and designed custom casters for a variety of industries. Here’s an example: An aerospace manufacturer wanted a caster required to meet multiple requirements. It had to meet the required load capacity for the new tooling, while also being ergonomically designed to promote safety in the workplace.

What’s more, the casters also had to meet safety standards set forth by the industry itself.

The result was the largest TWERGO caster wheelset created to date. Each caster had a 14,000-pound capacity but still managed to maintain a very specific PSI. To accomplish this, an extra-thick wheel tread was designed to disperse weight and handle more pressure from the inside out.

 Choosing a company with a proven track record in solving unusual and challenging workplace problems has its benefits. Failing to do so could lead to serious issues in the workplace if your casters are not the right fit for you.

2. A Wide Selection

No two applications are the same, even within the same industry. When you choose a caster manufacturer known for its huge selection, this will make things easier for you in the long run.

From ergonomic TWERGOTM casters to heavy-duty casters designed for use with line delivery carts, to ultra-heavy-duty Mammoth or Hercules casters, meeting your needs isn’t a problem for Caster Concepts.  We’ve made custom extreme casters for a variety of challenges, including:

3. Custom Caster Options

Even with plenty of options to choose from, there can be times where your specific needs aren’t available on the web. In this case, you should never settle for anything less than what you need.  Caster Concepts has a team of engineers that will design, develop, and ultimately manufacture the casters that you need to get the job done.

4. Standards of Excellence

The bottom line is that if a company is providing you with subpar products or customer service, it can negatively affect your business. You should always research a company thoroughly and make certain that their reputation for quality and excellence precedes them.

One standard to ensure quality is ISO Compliance. Many companies are now demanding that their suppliers are certified to ISO standards.  This certification requires that an organization is in conformance with ISO 9001. 

5. Incredible Lead Times

You can’t stay productive if you don’t have the casters you need. However, with some of the manufacturers and suppliers you’ll find online, you could be waiting weeks or months for new casters. For standard products, lead times at Caster Concepts are five days or less. For custom casters designed and developed from the ground up, lead times are only ten days or less.

When compared to the industry average of two weeks or more to deliver standard-sized casters, it’s easy to see why so many companies have made the switch to Caster Concepts.

Not all caster brands are the same, and this is evident when it comes to the five traits listed above. Be sure that the company you choose has: plenty of knowledge, a huge lineup of products, the ability to build custom casters when needed, a reputation for quality and excellence, and short lead times. These things will all make a tremendous difference throughout your relationship.