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Bodily injury is a tremendous setback in every industry. An employee who is hurt on the job not only reduces workplace efficiency, but also generates overhead due to medical bills and worker’s compensation claims. Fortunately, using the right caster wheels can help to minimize these risks in five very simple ways.

#1 – They Eliminate the Need for Heavy Lifting

The most important way in which casters minimize the risk of bodily injury is that they allow employees to move heavy loads without any heavy lifting. Injuries from lifting are commonplace in many manufacturing facilities and warehouses, so implementing carts and racks with casters is always a great idea. This way, employees simply roll the load from place to place without fear of injuring their backs.

#2 – Less Exertion to Start Moving

When it comes to choosing the right casters, it is vital to consider your work environment and the material from which the floor is made. You will use this information to choose a caster made of a material that reduces the initial inertia required to start a load moving. When employees can exert less force to do the same job, the risk of injury decreases, and workplace efficiency increases. When you can keep your employees safe and get more work done in less time, it’s good for business.

#3 – Brakes and Toe Locks Keep Loads from Moving Unexpectedly

If you need to move heavy loads across floors that are not quite level, there is always a danger of a load moving when it should not. A one-ton load moving freely across a workspace is a disaster waiting to happen, and this is yet another reason why it is so important to use the right heavy-duty caster. Some of these casters come with toe locks and brakes that prevent them from moving, even when the floor itself is slightly off-level. This could mean the difference between injuries and no injuries – or even life or death.

#4 – The Right Caster Wheels Keep Loads from Shifting

When an employee is moving several thousand pounds across the floor, the last thing he or she wants is a sudden shift in momentum that could cause injury. Some casters are designed with shock absorbers designed to hold the load steady, even if it moves over a cord or a crack in the floor. Others have suspension systems that can keep loads stable and steady while they move across slightly unlevel surfaces, which also provides incredible protection.

#5 – Spark Reduction Prevents Fires

Employees working around flammable liquids and vapors must always be careful of sparks, which can cause fires and/or explosions leading to injury or loss of life. In situations like this, the right caster wheels are imperative. A rubberized wheel will negate the risk of sparking, keeping everyone in the facility safe. There are many types of rubberized casters from which to choose, as well.

As you can see, there are several very important reasons why choosing the right caster wheel for your needs can reduce bodily injury substantially. With the right information and some critical thinking, choosing the right casters for any industry and setting is simple – and well worth it.