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A Walkthrough of Caster Concepts’ Part Numbering System.

On many occasions, I find myself trying to explain our part numbers to customers over the phone.  Due to the lack of visual aid provided in a phone call, a lot is lost in translation. To help with that, I wanted to do my best in explaining part numbers to everyone. Using the example below, let’s go through the caster number system.

Wheel Series Numbers: 71-08202-44-1. These first two numbers are the wheel series. This can range from our 30 series to some of our larger capacities such as our 99 series. The main variations you will find between series are top plate sizes, swivel sections, and most importantly weight capacity.

Wheel Diameter Numbers: 71-08202-44-1 In this position, you will find the wheel diameter. We have sizes ranging from 4 inches on our smallest products up to two feet, depending on what your application is. For example, in the aerospace sector, it’s common to find wheels that are upwards of 24 inches in diameter. It’s important to note that if the diameter is a single-digit number, it would have a zero before it. For example, an 8-inch wheel is listed at 08 and a 12-inch wheel is listed as 12.

Determining Width, Ball Bearings and Material

Wheel Width: 71-08202-44-1 Here you will find our wheel width. Wheel widths can vary greatly, and the most variation you will see is between light and heavier applications. Wider wheels are used in applications that are tens of thousands of pounds, whereas a thinner wheel is used for light to medium weighted applications.

Ball Bearings: 71-08202-44-1 This number is the ball bearing type. We offer many different types of ball bearings for a variety of applications. Heavier applications use the precision tapered bearing due to its resistance to high weight capacities. Other common bearings that we offer are precision ball bearings and roller bearings, just to name a few.

Wheel Material: 71-08202-44-1. You will find located here the wheel material. Here at Caster Concepts, we offer over 40 different wheel materials, including different hardness varieties in polyurethane, steel and iron, along with variations of rubber molds. Wheel material is entirely dependent on location and application. If you’re looking to improve ergonomics, try looking at our Twergo line of casters. If you want an extremely durable wheel, look no further than any variation of our steel wheels. Wheeling things outside or over dirt/grass? Try a pneumatic wheel.

Here at Caster Concepts, we work closely with manufacturers and end users to make sure that everything is accounted for, from overall height (OAH) to trying to keep the floor damage free. Our goal is to find a tailor-made part for your application.

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