Industrial casters are generally designed for indoor use, there are several factors that can impact the performance of a caster, and cause deterioration and damage to an industrial caster. That is not to say that industrial casters cannot be used outdoors, it is just a matter of using the right caster.

There are some critical factors to consider when looking for a caster to use outdoors, these include:

Surface : Outdoor surfaces tend to be much harsher than indoors. Rocks, cracks, uneven surfaces and other blemishes that are common in cement and asphalt can stop a cart from rolling.

A spring loaded, shock absorbing caster is ideal for outdoor use. The springs allow for the wheels on the caster to roll over some obstructions, and provide a means to dissipate any shock caused by the impact of the wheel with the obstruction. Another option is to use Pneumatic Tires, which offer the “give” needed to roll over small objects like pebbles. They also perform on gravel and grass, although those are not preferred surfaces for casters.

Environment : Water, humidity, snow and other sources of moisture can cause great damage to casters. They will cause cast iron to rust, they may deteriorate certain polyurethane tread formulations, and they may impact bearings.  Extreme heat can also cause, very hot surfaces, which may impact a caster if rolled onto those hot surfaces.

Aluminum Casters, such as Modern Suspension Systems line of aluminum casters, will not corrode or rust in moist environments, making them ideal for outdoor use. Pneumatic Tires and Mold On Rubber wheels are also ideal for moist and wet environments, as they are not damaged by moisture.

Speed : Many outdoor applications involve the use of a Tugger, tractor, or other powered mechanism. Often traveling at speeds that exceed average walking speed of 3.1 mph. It is critical to know the expected speed that these casters will be used for.

We offer a few different options for applications that require operation at speeds higher than walking speed. Please contact our sales staff to develop the ideal solution for your exact challenge. We can custom build a caster to meet your exact needs.