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Caster Concepts is a made-to-order company, so we are off and running once you have submitted a purchased order. We have a sophisticated system that is integrated with all our computers. So, once Sales/Customer Service enters the picture and places your order into the system, jobs orders are cut, and production can start working on your order.

Customers occasionally come in and want to add to their purchase order. Customer Service can add to purchase orders up until the time of shipping. If it’s more than three days since placing the order, there is a chance that the additional quantity will not be ready at the same time. Once an order is shipped, we would require a new purchase order for the additional quantity that might be needed.

Caster Concepts prides itself on the ability to do a job to order and to make the process the most predictable and reliable in the business. It is a blessing and a curse that our systems are so efficient. It makes customer service accountable for being extremely detail oriented when entering the order. And we are committed to doing everything in our control to honor delivery dates.

Every caster starts the made-to-order process once the job is released to production and purchasing see the request. Because this process begins as quickly and efficiently as possible, customers sometimes realize that their production needs have changed after the order is underway. For example, they discover that they now need two carts instead of one. This, of course, means more casters than initially ordered.

To ensure a smooth process for our customers, we can add to orders until the day it ships. Once the order is shipped, it is closed out in our system. That’s because our system is so precise, so we cannot enter the same purchase order number twice for the same customer.

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