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In the industrial caster world, brakes serve a very important role.

When choosing heavy-duty casters, you often consider the attributes that keep it rolling. But, in many applications, you’ll also want to think about whether the ability to stop that motion – using brakes – is equally important.

In the industrial caster world, brakes can serve a very important role. Like brakes on a car, they allow for the ceasing of motion and locking in place. However, heavy-duty caster brakes can also add a modicum of control to the direction in which the casters are moving – a trait that can promote both efficient function, as well as safety in the workplace – by reducing the risk of a runaway cart.
We offer a variety of brakes for industrial casters, each of which serves a different purpose and can be designed to your specific needs.
Let’s take a closer look at the benefits to having brakes on your industrial caster:

The benefits of caster brakes.

Holding Force: When dealing with load capacities that reach into the thousands of pounds, it’s reassuring to know that your cart will not run away because there was nothing holding the wheel in place.
Components such as the Polyurethane Cam Brake are specifically engineered for providing holding force against extreme loads. These brakes employ a polyurethane cam that — when engaged, places direct pressure against the running surface of the wheel, preventing any movement.

Heavier Load Capacities: Having the ability to move heavier loads is essential when working with heavy-duty industrial casters. Any time the application of a caster is needed, there is weight to be moved, and having brakes as a back-up to operator strength ensures that the application will be completed efficiently and safely.
Face contact brakes are very good when working with heavy loads, and also provide an expanded holding force. A face contact brake uses a threaded rod to push a plate into the running surface of the industrial caster wheel.

Reduction of Operator Strain: No longer will operators have to use their entire body to stop or turn a loaded cart – that’s what brakes are for. The single and dual side brakes make tasks even easier by utilizing a foot pedal on the side of the caster, preventing the operator from having to constantly bend over.
Workplace safety is important to you and at Caster Concepts, the safety of your workplace is valued above all else. Please visit to learn more about the variety of brakes that go “Beyond Standard” for the application you need.

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