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Most everyone knows Henry Ford’s famous saying: “You can order your Model T in any color as long as it’s black.”  That was a long time ago, and things have changed – oh for the better. As a domestic caster manufacturer,  Caster Concepts can customize a caster to make your workplace safer and more productive, all while helping you reduce costs associated with maintenance, caster replacement, and worker injury.

There is a lot of customization available for heavy-duty industrial casters, and we’d like to talk about an option that sometimes gets overlooked: the swivel lock.

How a swivel lock works

swivel lock is exactly what it means – it locks the swivel which makes the swivel caster rigid for straight-line movement. This works great in applications where straight-line pushing and towing are required. A Swivel Lock is offered in six different types:

  1. Standard; providing notches every 90 degrees.
  2. Heavy Duty; same as Standard but with a heavier duty pin.
  3. Demountable; can be field installed.
  4. Heavy Duty Demountable; same as Standard with a heavier duty pin.
  5. Passive lock; it locks but when side thrust is applied, the lock disengages.
  6. Vertical lock; used in heavier duty applications and is placed under the yoke base

Ok, so big deal you say. You offer quite a few types for one option of a swivel lock caster. True, but what if I could customize the pin on the swivel lock for you to make it a bit more user friendly for Sally on you production line? Customize the pin to fit her hand – making it a bit more comfortable. Where there is comfort there is better ergonomics. And that means less worker injury: something to consider for your bottom line. We have already done this for one of the largest agricultural manufacturers in the world. I know we can do it for you!

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