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I get a lot of customers wanting to add a brake or a toe guard to a caster after they have placed their order. In the past, this was impossible due to the brake and toe guard being part of the laser cut leg design.

Caster Concepts’ engineering team has developed a bolt-on option for our toe guards and poly lock brake to fix this. Now customers can add these options after the fact.

Toe guards becoming mandatory at many companies.

Toe guards are used on material handling carts to protect workers from injury.  They are typically mounted approximately one-half inch off the floor. The guards keep workers’ feet from being run over by the cart in both manual and powered applications.

More companies are making these options mandatory. Especially since more attention is being focused on safety and reducing costs related to worker injuries. For example, one of the largest airplane manufacturers now requires toe guards on all their casters for ground support equipment.

Another important add-on option: Caster Brakes

Another option that customers sometimes forget to order is caster brakes. Caster Concepts casters move easily, so when they’re stopped they need to lock in place to keep the cart from moving.

If you do need to order brakes after your initial caster purchase, we have a brake option for you — our Demountable Brake Kits. Demountable brakes require a longer axle to bolt the brake in place but do come with the longer axle and nut required with your purchase.

Additionally, demountable brake kits are also only offered in our poly lock brake option. The poly lock brake is a polyurethane pedal that you push down with your foot to engage and lift up to disengage. When mounting these brakes on a swivel caster, it’s important to ensure that the swivel lead is correct so that these will bolt on and work properly.

In days past, when customers came to us looking for brakes or toe guards on casters they had already purchased, the laser-cut leg design didn’t allow for add ons, so they had to buy a brand-new caster. With the help of our engineering team, we don’t have to tell customers that anymore. We can accommodate their request and provide a higher level of service than we have been able to do in the past.

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