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To the untrained eye, the industrial caster application can seem quite simple. A wheel, clad in a tread material and mounted upon a base, doesn’t exactly cut the image of complexity. But, more than a static component, heavy-duty casters are much more than meets the eye.
Each heavy-duty caster application serves a very specific purpose – and each of those purposes can call for requirements that transcend the typical caster configuration choices – swivel or rigid and wheel size, type and capacity.

Fortunately, you can outfit your heavy-duty caster with options that can change everything. Much like the options that improve the performance, look and handling on our vehicles, so, too, can the options for industrial-casters. Below is just a small sampling of those improvements.

Workplace Safety

Few would disagree that healthy employees are an invaluable asset to any company. Adding options such as brakes and swivel restrictors dramatically decrease the chance of injury at the workplace, and should be highly considered by anyone with an industrial caster application.

Each brake and swivel restrictor is designed for an individual purpose. As we discussed in our recent blogs on brakes, there are several types available, depending upon factors such as weight, maneuverability and load balancing. The same can be said for swivel restrictors; some are meant for moving heavier loads, while others are specified for lighter duty.

Wheel Protection

Ensuring the longevity of caster wheels is an absolute must. In order for the caster to function to the best of its abilities, the wheel must be taken care of. At Caster Concepts, we offer options such as toe guards and track wipers that will increase the life of your wheel dramatically.
The toe guard wraps around the wheel of the caster, protecting it from obstructions on the floor; while the track wiper acts as a broom, sweeping away harmful debris.

Increased Productivity

Options like steering tubes make any application less physically taxing on the operator, which will lead to an increase in overall productivity. A proper steering tube design will reduce exertion, allowing for physical activity in more comfortable positions for the operator. This can lead to better posture and significant reductions in downtime caused by injury. We also have recently added to our lineup drive casters – self-propelled by an onboard motor and battery that can propel loads of up to 6,000 pounds at up to 5 miles per hour.

The options discussed above are just a few of the wide variety of add-ons to heavy-duty industrial casters. These options can help modify the performance of a caster to better meet the requirements of an application.
So remember to consider all of your options when designing equipment using heavy-duty industrial casters. Ask the engineers or technical sales group at Caster Concepts, Inc. to design and build a caster that meets your exact specifications.

Check out our full line of options for industrial casters to help improve performance and increase safety in your workplace. Design the exact caster for your needs on our Custom Configurator including the options you need, and download a 3D model.

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