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Caster Brake Options from Caster Concepts

You may think that all caster wheel brakes are the same, and it really doesn’t matter what brake you use. In reality there are many factors that go into deciding what brake to use for your application. At Caster Concepts we feel very strongly that answering these questions up front will leave to better outcome when the caster goes into service. Some of the questions that we would want to know are:

If you are looking for a hand operated brake the only option is a Face Contact Brake. It is activated by tightening the brake shoe against the wheel by twisting it clockwise.

There are many styles of foot operated brakes. CamSingle SideDual SidePoly Lock and Wrap Around.  Choosing one of those is much harder.  It is very important to have answers to the questions above.

Choosing one of those is much harder. It is very important to have answers to the questions above.

The Poly Lock brake is our most popular brake. It is foot operated. The brake can be mounted on the trailing or leading edge of the caster (depending on the caster size). It is ideal in most applications. You will see them in automotive applications, on die carts, transfer dolly’s where holding a cart in position is important.

Cam brakes are an option for lighter duty applications. It is a side mounted brake that is operated by your foot. You would see them on small push carts in manufacturing facilities.

The single side brake is good for medium duty casters 6 to 12 inch diameter Same with the dual side brake. However the dual size brake is a good choice if you are concerned about access to the brake. by having the brake on both sides of the caster you are able to get to it much easier.

Caster Brake Key:  1) Wrap Around Brake, 2) Single Side Brake, 3) Pneumatic Poly Cam Break, 4) Poly Cam Brake, 5) Heavy Duty Tread Brake, 6) Face Contact Brake, 7) Dual Side Brake, and 8) Cam Brake.

Whenever you have an application question that you are struggling with, feel free to give us a call, at 517-680-7950 or email us at