This age of tweeting, Facebook, and email leaves little room to build genuine, personal relationships. Sadly, it leaves ample room for miscommunication, mistakes, and unmet expectations.

At Caster Concepts Inc., We Build Trust with our customers, employees and stakeholders by committing to clear, direct and personal communication. We engage in active listening, meaning we ask precise questions to tease out and clarify each customer’s specific needs. We do not assume we understand our customers’ expectations – we listen until we’re sure we that share the same vision.

To assure Caster Concepts communicates effectively, we believe verbal communication is critical. I will expand on that later in this post.

In addition to active listening, we develop and use Up-Front Contracts, which help clarify all parties’ intentions, expectations and needs before each meeting.  Corporate communication today is rife with catchphrases and jargon: “great meeting,” or “need it soon” or “big opportunity.” All are subject to different interpretations by both sender and receiver. Left undiscovered, these different interpretations can snowball into huge problems.

As I said earlier, in order to ensure that Caster Concepts meets customer expectations, it’s vital to communicate one-to-one. However, because electronic communication is becoming the norm, it’s not always easy to fully understand each customer’s definition of good communication. At Caster Concepts, we recognize that we must communicate with our customers in the medium that works best for them, and in many ways verbal communication is secondary.

This is true in our personal lives as well. For instance, I text my wife and children, but have I really communicated with them?  We’ve exchanged a few words electronically – many times abbreviated forms of those words – but did we truly connect and understand one another? At times I’m not so sure. Either out of necessity or because we naturally take advantage of technological advancements, verbal communication is becoming a lost art. I write this blog because I cannot verbally communicate with everyone who sees our web page, but I wish to interact in some way with as many visitors as possible.

Communication does not mean telling or dictating. At Caster Concepts, we strive to listen 60 percent of the time and talk 40 percent – again, active listening.

While what we do is manufacture heavy duty industrial casters, building trust is our core value. This value is the passion that drives our business.  At Caster Concepts, one of the critical means by which We Build Trust is through our commitment to honest, clear, one-to-one communication.

Let me know your feelings about the value of communications in your business. Thanks for reading.

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