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Accountability is not about “who has the biggest stick”, and it also does not mean that whatever the “customer wants the customer gets”.  Accountability means we will agree up front on the anticipated outcomes and decide to move forward with complete understanding and commitment.
We believe in personal and professional accountability and expect the same from all team members.  We build trust through accountability that is achieved through consistent communication and understanding of each other’s expectations. We understand by “closing the loop” on the conversation so we part, with a full understanding of each parties commitment. Respect is also a key to consistent and predictable accountability. Without mutual respect, accountability to one another will be impossible to achieve.
When I began the discussion of accountability at Caster Concepts I was surprised by the feeling that the concept of accountability was in some form “heavy handed” toward all parties. Good accountability practices have nothing to do with demands, threats or coercion. Accountability is about mutual understanding and mutual agreement.
Accountability is the process that two people or two parties go through to develop a mutually agreeable accountability understanding. Many times accountability is a negotiated agreement that both parties have input on the expected outcome or time frame and then moves forward to deliver on the agreement. Accountability does not mean that you dictate to me or I dictate to you, an unreasonable or impossible outcome. Many failures of accountability are failures of complete communication and mutual respect of each party. Who has the biggest hammer is that one that thinks they are the ones that should dictate the level of accountability. When this occurs there is very little if any accountability and in most situations both parties are going to experience significant disappointment.
Caster Concepts is committed to developing accountability in every relationship and then being held accountable. We build trust through accountability. Our goal is to consistently deliver great value to the customer and hence we must be able to communicate to the customer how that will be delivered and when it will be delivered. When this is clear to each party then we have set a foundation for accountability within the relationship.