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Over two years ago I decided that I would send out a daily reminder of our company BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of 100% On Time Delivery. At the time I started doing that I also decided to include a daily quote. Sometimes the quote is  applicable to the goal, sometimes the quote is applicable to business, and sometimes the quote is applicable to life and sometimes it may seem totally arbitrary.

I like quotes in that they generally make a point in the space of very few words. They don’t expect a response, they are just there to pass along or to reflect on– for a short period of time or for an extended period of time. You can apply the thought or you can discount it. You can use or you can ignore it. You can interpret it or you take it at face value. There is no risk and no expectation in reading the quotes.
I share these quotes for a few simple reasons
  1. I enjoy them and hence maybe someone else will
  2. I reflect on them and maybe someone else will
  3. At times I use them for my own daily focus
  4. At times I use them for my own daily affirmation.
  5. If one person, one time, in one year or one week or one day gets a small value out of reading one of these-the little time that I have spent has been valuable to the both of us

Please do not interpret these quotes as my own “bully pulpit” or tag some other meaning to them. I am just sharing things that add value to my life while reminding you of a goal this business has dedicated itself to 100% ON Time Delivery–

Nothing More–Nothing Less