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An injury is never pleasant and never wanted. Who wants the pain, discomfort, cost and other issues that arise from injury? Work Place injuries can have a greater negative impact, on both the individual and the organization. The impact can even reach other employees by lowering morale and reducing productivity.

The number one cause of injury in the workplace is Overexertion due to an outside force. One common outside force in manufacturing facilities is carts and racks. These carts and racks are often pushed or pulled manually, requiring the operator to exert force continuously throughout the day, creating an increased risk for injury.

However, injuries can be avoided, and here are some suggestions how:

Design the cart to be safe
a. Place handles at heights and positions that are comfortable for the operator
b. Limit the height, making certain not to obstruct the operators line of sight
c. Design it to be loaded and unloaded without to much bending or stretching
d. Limit the amount of weight, the greater the weight, the more force the operator must exert to move it
Choose the right wheels
a. Wheels should be chosen based upon the load weight, the flooring conditions and the environment (for help with choosing wheels check out our prior blog)
b. If choosing poly wheels, make sure to choose the right formulation for your needs, the belief that harder wheels will roll easier, is not necessarily true. There are several factors that can be overcome with the right poly, including debris, some minor imperfections in the flooring, speed, scrubbing and others.
Number of wheels and positioning
a. There are 6 common wheel lay outs, each will achieve a specific benefit, determine which one is best for your application 
b. Consider using Ergonomic wheels like TWERGO® to reduce force exerted when turning and maneuvering
Consider larger wheels
a. In general, a greater diameter on a wheel makes it easier to roll. Common wheel diameters on industrial casters are 6” and 8”, however wheel diameters are also available in larger sizes.
Add the options
a. Brakes and Locks secure the caster and keep it from rolling or swiveling, and help avoid unexpected movement
b. Toe Guards stop the caster from rolling over feet
c. Brush Guards, push away debris and reduce the risk of items becoming lodged or wedged between the wheel and the ground, and unexpected sudden stops
d. There are a few different options in bearings and can have a significant impact on ease of rolling.
Reduce noise and reduce the risk of the 2nd most common illness in the workplace, hearing loss
a. CasterShoX® with the Patented SHOX absorption system achieve unparalleled noise reduction. To Learn more about CasterShoX® check out

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