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The old adage, “never judge a book by its cover,” applies, of course, to more than just books. In the manufacturing world, this is especially true – it is often the contribution of components that reside out of the spotlight that have the greatest impact on productivity, efficiency and ROI.
The same, often, can be said for heavy-duty casters – particularly ones where engineering and technology have made some below-the-surface improvements that have a big impact on outward performance.
With CASTERSHOX®, this feat of engineering has packed significant advances in noise reduction and shock absorption into an industrial caster that looks like – and fits into the same footprint as — a traditional caster.

Traditionally, the role of noise reduction in industrial casters was left to a spring-loading mechanism, that is actually designed to reduce shock, noise reduction is a by product on these casters. While effective to an extent, such spring-loaded industrial casters use a coiled metal spring to dissipate shock, which in turn causes the springs to expand and retract (bounce) repetitively until the shock impact is dissipated. The spring is usually placed above the axle of the wheel on the caster and therefore transfers vibration to the cart and its contents, resulting in noise, and possibly damage, to the contents of the cart.

By removing the wheel from the yoke, the patented SHOX® absorption unit is revealed. This innovative component gives CASTERSHOX® the ability to achieve up to 90 percent noise reduction, a feat no other industrial caster can achieve. The SHOX® absorption unit integrates a patented technology to reduce and potentially eliminate noise.

CASTERSHOX® users benefit from both its proprietary technology and design that comprise its components, as well as its placement at the core of the industrial caster. The combination ensures that the CASTERSHOX® assembly both contains the impact and dampens it – delivering performance that is more like that of shock absorber in a vehicle.
By containing the shock, CASTERSHOX® also reduces noise tremendously — in some cases by as much as 15 decibels db(A). Because the impact of noise grows exponentially as it gets louder, a decrease of 15 decibels could equal as much as a 90 percent reduction in noise. OSHA guidelines state that an increase of 5 decibels db(A) reduces an operators allowed time of exposure by half.

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