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Polyurethane wheels and conveyor rollers, when used in an industrial environment, can wear and eventually fail for a variety of reasons. When the time comes to replace it may be worth your time to consider “remolding” on an existing core.

Heavy loads, long runs, and high speeds can cause excessive heat build-up that breaks down the polyurethane compound. Even when used in within the limits of the original compound most poly tires will wear to the point that they need to be replaced. Most people will reorder the original size wheel and certainly that meets the need and you are up and running again. Prior to reordering a new wheel you may want to consider remolding the original core.

Advantages of remold polyurethane wheels include:

Caster Concepts can replace worn or damaged wheels with high performance polyurethane, at a significant reduction compared to the cost of new casters or wheels.

What is the remolding process?

To begin to remold polyurethane wheels, parts are stripped of the existing polyurethane in a burning process of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. After cooling the cores are blasted to fully recover the wheel core. The bores are then inspected to assure they meeting the original dimensions. The reconditioned cores are then prepped for new tire application.  A new tire is then applied just as the original tire would have been applied. After the new tire is applied and post cured, new bearings are installed and prepared for returning to the customer.

• Polyurethane wheel material is engineered to provide maximum cut & tear strength

• A low rolling resistance from the polyurethane minimizes heat build-up secondary to hysteresis

• Our polyurethane is also U.V. stable and resistant to harmful solvents