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Roll with polyurethane caster wheels for the best in ergonomics, load capacity, and durability.

Every industrial application has instances where a particular wheel material is most beneficial, whether it’s rubber, steel, iron, or polyurethane. The big advantage of polyurethanes is that they can handle heavier loads than rubber because they are harder and yet are more flexible than plastics. Their flexibility accounts for their strength and remarkable ability to resist impact. In general, a polyurethane wheel can be the best overall choice in terms of ergonomics, load capacity, and durability. Important considerations for automated guided vehicles and other material handling applications.

Once you decide on utilizing the benefits of polyurethane, you need to determine which tread to choose from.  Different treads have different characteristics, including how hard the material is (as measured by Durometer), the resistance to abrasion, tear and tensile strength, and deformation. All these factors play a part in your decision.

Shown: TR85A, 95A, 70D, and Ergo Tread.

One of the many advantages of choosing Caster Concepts for your material handling needs is that we manufacture all our poly wheels at our headquarters in Albion, Michigan. Reaction Industries is one of our in-house companies that features a state of the art polyurethane processing facility. High-quality meter mix machines, high-speed conveyors, and large capacity processing ovens all combine to give RI the ability to respond to all customer needs, big or small, standard or custom.

Polyurethane treads are popular because they offer the best compromise between load capacity and floor protection.

There’s a wide variety of ways that polyurethane can be engineered to ensure that your casters and wheels combine the qualities of ergonomics, efficiency, and durability. Let’s look at some of the formulations and their benefits:

Standard Polyurethane: Durometer 95A TDI.

  • Benefits include being Non-marking and providing a long life cycle at an economical price. Proven performance in many applications
Heavy-Duty Hard Polyurethane: Durometer 70D TDI.

  • Benefits: Also non-marking while offering long life in the toughest of applications. designed to carry the heaviest loads.
Heavy-Duty T/R Polyurethane: Durometer 85A MDI.

  • Benefits: A heavy-duty, tear-resistant wheel that offers maximum elasticity. Minimal pick-up of floor debris while providing great carrying capacity at a softer durometer.
Hard Polyurethane: Durometer 70D TDI.

  • Benefits: Resistant to wear, non-marking, and is durable in tough applications with heavy loads.

T/R 95 Polyurethane: Durometer 95A MDI. 

HPPT Polyurethane: Durometer 92A TDI.

T/R Polyurethane: Durometer 85A MDI.


When you are choosing the best wheel for the job, the more analysis you can apply to your wheel material environment, the better choice you’ll make for your industrial heavy-duty wheels and casters.

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