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The decision for which industrial wheel and caster to use, is often made on price, and price alone. The value of industrial casters is minimized, and decisions are made without an understanding of just how critical an industrial wheel caster is to safety, performance, productivity, and more. Who would have thought those little wheels could make such a difference?

The reality is that the casters and wheels make all the difference in the world on factors like:

This is especially true on industrial carts, where loads often weigh thousands of pounds, and environments can be very harsh. Floors in industrial environments are often uneven or have cracks and chips, sometimes they are full of debris, like metal shavings for example. Weight and flooring conditions are just the basics, there are several other factors that can impact industrial wheels and casters, factors like speed, temperature, moisture, and chemicals are just some of the others.

Impact on health and safety

More importantly, industrial wheels and casters have a huge impact on health and safety. Overexertion caused by an external force is the number one cause of injury in the workplace. Industrial carts are one of those “external forces”, and the casters and wheels on the cart have a huge impact on the amount of force required to start and keep rolling. We offer several ergonomic wheels, that will help reduce the amount of force required to start and keep rolling, we have achieved reductions as great as 50% in some cases.

Casters also have an impact on noise, and ultimately hearing loss, the second most common illness in the workplace. If a cart creates over 90 db(A) of noise, the operator cannot operate that cart for a full eight hour shift, as per OSHA regulations.

When choosing industrial casters and wheels, make sure to look beyond price alone, because you may find out the hard way, that the cost was much greater than the price paid.