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Low profile caster wheels are best when your carts, racks, or other equipment have a low clearance height. In many cases, a low profile load is also ideal for safety, particularly in heavy-duty applications that require manual operation. 

There are numerous types of low profile caster wheels available for many different applications.  One good example is our 37 Series Caster which comes with precision-sealed, maintenance-free bearings. You can also find custom heavy-duty cart wheels with low profiles.  

Meeting Capacity Needs With a Lower Profile

Because low profile caster wheels keep the center of gravity lower, they can typically withstand higher amounts of weight associated with medium-duty industrial applications. In fact, many can support 1,000 pounds or more each. 

This range is ideal for heavy carts, racks, and even certain types of vehicles. Before choosing a low profile caster for your application, be sure that you fully understand the load’s maximum capacity. Then, choose a caster that supports slightly more than this amount to improve safety and caster longevity. 

Clearance Height Considerations

Another important consideration when choosing low profile caster wheels has to do with the load’s overall clearance height. This holds true whether you are utilizing racks in a warehouse to move goods from one location to another or you are utilizing a drive system to move carts back and forth along an assembly line. 

Why? Because keeping within maximum height allowances is incredibly important for preventing injuries or property damage. To accomplish this, determine your clearance height, then measure the size of your rack, cart, or equipment to discover the maximum size low profile caster you can use. 


Low profile caster wheels come in a wide variety of materials designed to withstand unique conditions in your working environment:


Just like traditional caster wheels, you can find numerous accessories designed for low profile caster wheels, as well. These include everything from swivel casters for incredible maneuverability to swivel locks, brakes, and even drive motors. You can even find a wide variety of ergonomic low profile casters designed to prevent injuries and improve safety in cases when loads must be operated manually.  What’s more, low profile noise-reducing casters with innovative features can help you protect your employees’ hearing regardless of the flooring material.  

When clearance height is a concern, low profile caster wheels are a perfect choice. They help keep the load closer to the ground, which lowers the height of the load as well as its center of gravity for safer operation.

Be sure that you consider your capacity needs, clearance height, working environment, and the accessories you will need before choosing low profile caster wheels to get the best possible results.