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Ground support equipment requires a level of durability that goes above and beyond normal circumstances. Unforgiving conditions cause damage to luggage carts, cargo decks, cargo dollies, and other wheeled equipment.  This makes choosing a safe and durable caster for your application a top priority. With Caster Concepts, you’ll get products that are built to last longer, move heavy loads better, reduce costs, and hold up in less than ideal conditions. All while meeting the stringent safety standards demanded from the ground support industry.

Under extreme loads and in extreme conditions, we’ll help keep your operation rolling.

We have designed and built several custom casters specifically for aerospace aviation companies and airplane manufacturers. As well as military contractors, and private jet and helicopter manufacturers. Here are some innovations and insights that have put Caster Concepts at the forefront of caster technology for Aerospace applications.

Conquer corrosion with Modern Suspension Systems casters, our proprietary line of heavy-duty, shock-absorbing, and corrosion-resistant casters. This is the go-to system used by most major airlines and ground support service providers. Benefits of this caster line include:

More groundbreaking products for the ground support industry.

The Swivel on Swivel Caster is another industry first. With workplace industries costing businesses billions of dollars, this ergonomically enhanced caster reduces the force needed to turn and maneuver a cart.  The swivel-on-swivel caster even allows the cart to roll fluidly when all the wheels are not parallel.

For effortless efficiency, the Drive Caster™ integrates an electric motor with an industrial caster.  The result?  A single unit that can be easily added to carts or racks to easily move heavy loads without fear of injury. This motor-driven caster is great for heavy load applications.

Excessive noise is another leading workplace concern. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hearing loss is the second most common illness in the workplace. To address OSHA concerns,  our CasterShoX® casters reduce noise sources by as much as 15 dbA, a magnitude of reduction providing a significant effect in reducing noise-induced hearing loss.

A loaded Industrial cart can weigh thousands of pounds, which can create a serious threat to operators and cause a costly injury. Our complete line of options includes caster brakes to keep the cart from rolling away and  Swivel Locks. These locks eliminate the swivel function in a caster and lock the wheels in a specified direction, making it easier to steer the cart.

Running Gear for Military Applications

Our Aerol Side Angle Mount (SAM) suspension unit features a shock-absorbing unit that bolts to the side of ground support equipment. The stub axle accommodates a wide selection of wheels. This flexible design allows for front and rear steering for maneuvering in restricted areas and features a lower center of gravity and approach angles.