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Boat and Leisure Vehicle

Heavy Duty Caster Wheels for Boat Manufacturing

Manufacturers of leisure vehicles have looked to Caster Concepts for help improving safety, increasing productivity and solving unique challenges that arise during the production process. In addition to a full catalog of products, we offer innovative custom solutions for those extremely difficult applications. One such challenge led to the development of our Conversion Drive Caster, the load weight and length of carts used in the assembly process of large boats posed a great challenge for the operators, safety was a primary concern.

Our engineers modified our heavy duty motor powered Drive Caster® to include steering, controls and a power source, hence creating the Conversion Drive Caster® and the results were well beyond the customers’ expectations. The risk of injuries due to overexertion were essentially eliminated, carts were now maneuvered by two operators versus several, as was originally required. Rack casters & pneumatic wheel casters are just some other examples of how we are Beyond Standard.

Conversion Drive Caster

Conversion Drive Caster®

Conversion Drive Caster

  • Convert existing carts into powered carts
  • Fully Integrated Solution
  • Virtually Eliminate Risk of Overexertion Injuries
  • Reduce Operators Needed to Move Heavy Loads
Pneumatic Dual Wheel Caster

Pneumatic Dual Wheel Caster

Pneumatic Wheel Casters

  • Ideal for outdoor use and various environments
  • Max Weight Capacity of 7,260lbs per caster






Drive Caster

Drive Caster

  • The industry’s first motor powered industrial caster
  • Can easily be integrated into most carts, racks, and carriers
  • Great for heavy load applications



Three Casters, Six wheels on Swivel Section Top Plate

Dual TWERGO® Casters Heavy Duty

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