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Custom Caster with Drive Axle

Custom Caster with Drive Axle


A steel mill needs to transport extremely large rolls of steel throughout their facility, including out doors to other buildings. In the past they had used big semis with trailers, which was very cumbersome, maneuvering was difficult and movement was slow. There just had to be a better way to transport the steel rolls.

To make transportation easier and much more efficient, the steel mill created a custom transport vehicle that could carry multiple rolls at once. The vehicle with a load weighed as much as 200,000lbs.


Finding some sort of wheels that can carry this load, while being driven by a motor.


Caster Concepts engineers worked with the transport vehicle designers and came up with a custom caster design that could carry the 200,000lb load, as well as integrate a sprocket on the axle to drive movement.

The result was a dual wheel, drive axle caster with a sprocket for a chain. The wheels were a total of 28 inches in diameter, with 3 inch polyurethane, that was custom formulated to achieve a 70D durometer, and withstand some of the unique environmental challenges of a steel mill.

Custom Drive Axle Caster

Drive Axle Caster on a steel roll transport vehicle

50,000lb Capacity Caster

Steel Transport Vehicle with custom made swivel casters

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