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Conceptual Innovations

Conceptual Innovations specializes in helping small to medium sized manufacturing companies grow by handling some of their engineering needs. Conceptual Innovations does everything from product development, finite element analysis, CAD, manufacturing documentation to creating prototypes, proof of concepts or even medium sized production runs. Its parent company, Caster Concepts, has variety of manufacturing capabilities which it leverages to help reduce design time and expenses. Conceptual Innovations is a hybrid between a cost effective and agile fab shop and a versatile, full service engineering firm all under one roof.

Developing automated guided vehicles, driving simulators chassis with both military and commercial applications, fuel cell shock absorbers, and testing systems such as a water brake dyno used to understand the performance of a 350HP aircraft carrier trolling motor are all a part of Conceptual Innovations’ portfolio.

After receiving the concept and obtaining primary research data, Conceptual Innovations prototypes the design, creates proof of evaluation, and tests for both long-term usability and endurance. Each solution is optimized for both functionality and manufacturing costs.

Caster Concepts’ backing of Conceptual Innovations is second to none in the industrial caster market. Over the past decade, the engineering department at Caster Concepts has developed into one of the most highly sought after services in the industry. With access to tools including SolidWorks CAD design platform, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and design, to prototype dynamic testing, to laser cutting, to CNC forming, to varying durometers of polyurethane wheels, to varying chemical makeup of polyurethane wheels to robotic welding, to ISO supported manufacturing processes, Conceptual Innovations can take concepts and turn them into innovations.

Samples of Work


Automated Guided Vehicle


Driving Simulator


Hermetically Sealed Laser Evaluation System