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March 23, 2017 By:

Why Use Foot Actuated Brakes and Swivel Locks

Brakes and Swivel Locks are common add on’s for industrial casters, each option offers additional benefits to a traditional caster, Brakes when engaged, keep the wheels from turning on the caster Swivel Locks convert a swivel caster into a rigid caster but add the benefit of locking the rigid at additional angles (versus the standard 180* […]


March 20, 2017 By:

An Ergonomic Wheel for Every Application

Caster Concepts offers a complete line of Ergonomic Wheels including:   Heavy Loads Medium Loads Light Loads Wheel TWERGO TWERGO Lite Ergo-X  Max Weight Cap 6,000 (12 x 4.5”) 1,800 (8″ x 2″) 1,500 (8″ x 2″) Core Material Aluminum Iron Aluminum Max Diameter 12” 8” 8”     There are a variety of factors to […]


March 1, 2017 By:

March Madness 2017

Prize Structure: Prizes will be determined by the correct picks in the bracket and the cumulative total of points scored by each contestant. In the event of a tie, cash prizes will be split between those who tied. Winners will be notified by email or phone. Prizes: Perfect Bracket Prize – $500 (Donation to Charity in […]


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