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August 1, 2017 By: Admin

What makes Caster Concepts Poly Tread Materials Premium?

There are some fairly common characteristics among tread materials offered on industrial casters, for example 95A shore hardness is pretty much a standard offering from all manufacturers. A softer 85A shore hardness offering is also common, as is a harder poly, usually a 70D shore hardness. Shore hardness is  a very common attribute that polyurethane […]


July 26, 2017 By: Admin

Choosing the Correct Top Plate Configuration

The correct caster top plate can be basic or become complex depending on your application. The first step in choosing the correct top plate size is to measure the bolt hole spacing. Measure the center of one bolt to the center of another bolt on each side of the caster, length and width Also measure the bolt diameter Once […]


July 26, 2017 By: Admin

Down With Decibels – How the Right Caster Can Slash Noise Levels

If you’ve ever stood nearby an empty manufacturing cart train as it coasted by at about five miles per hour, you have an appreciation for how pervasive and disturbing factory noise can be. Noise reduction, when it comes to manufacturing, can be serious business. A modest reduction in noise can lead to big benefits in […]


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