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We strive to bring you the strongest and most durable cast iron caster wheels. These cast iron wheels are 100% domestic MADE IN THE USA class 30 gray iron. Our cast iron wheels are a perfect wheel choice for indoor or outdoor situations which require a high capacity wheel. They are excellent for rough or dangerous surfaces (glass particles, scrap metal, etc). Cast iron caster wheels boast the highest load capacity for your most demanding tasks and can withstand extreme temperatures. When a special size, gray iron wheel is required for your application, we utilize cast iron bar (either gray iron or ductile) and machine a heavy duty wheel that matches your specifications. No matter the task at hand, we have the wheel for you.


Our cast iron wheels are constructed of premium Class 30 gray iron, which provides the maximum load capacity and intense impact strength. These wheels feature premium heavy cross section castings for heavy duty, industrial use, abrasion resistance to harsh environments, and a long service life so you can rest assured that your wheels will last through every project. Each of our wheels is precision machined with rounded edges to finished tolerances. All 1-1/2” and 2” wide wheels with 3/4” roller bearings are supplied with 1/2” spanner standard.


Built for high capacity applications, these cast iron wheels can withstand extreme heat and still hold strong.


Our cast iron wheels are available in different materials so that you can make sure you’re getting exactly the type of wheel that you require. Precision tapered bearings are available to complement the characteristics of the wheels. Wheel material codes are as follows:

  • Cast Iron (10)
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron (11)
  • Ductile Iron (12).
SKUDiameterWidthCapacityHub LengthBoreMaterialBearing TypeFeatures
03120-10-063.00"1.25"450 Lbs1-1/23/8H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
03151-10-103.25"1.50"400 Lbs1-5/85/8H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
03151-10-123.25"1.50"400 Lbs1-5/83/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
03201-10-123.25"2.00"700 Lbs2-3/163/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
04150-10-084.00"1.50"600 Lbs1-11/161/2H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
04151-10-104.00"1.50"600 Lbs1-5/85/8H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
04200-10-194.00"2.00"1,000 Lbs2-3/161-3/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
04201-10-124.00"2.00"1,000 Lbs2-3/163/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
04300-10-314.00"3.00"2,000 Lbs3-1/41-15/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
04301-10-164.00"3.00"2,000 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
04301-10-204.00"3.00"2,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
04309-10-124.00"3.00"2,000 Lbs3-1/23/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
04400-10-394.00"4.00"4,000 Lbs4-1/42-7/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
04401-10-204.00"4.00"4,000 Lbs4-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
04409-10-164.00"4.00"4,000 Lbs4-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
04409-10-204.00"4.00"4,000 Lbs4-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
05151-10-105.00"1.50"600 Lbs1-5/85/8H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
05151-10-125.00"1.50"600 Lbs1-5/83/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
05200-10-195.00"2.00"1,500 Lbs2-3/161-3/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
05201-10-105.00"2.00"1,200 Lbs2-3/163/4Cast IronStraight Roller
05201-10-125.00"2.00"1,200 Lbs2-3/163/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
05201-10-205.00"2.00"1,200 Lbs2-3/165/8H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
05250-10-315.00"2.50"2,000 Lbs3-1/41-15/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
05251-10-165.00"2.50"2,000 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
05251-10-205.00"2.50"2,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
05259-10-125.00"2.50"2,000 Lbs3-1/23/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
06151-10-106.00"1.50"800 Lbs1-5/85/8H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
06151-10-126.00"1.50"800 Lbs1-5/83/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
06200-10-126.00"2.00"1,300 Lbs2-3/161-3/16H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
06201-10-126.00"2.00"1,300 Lbs2-3/163/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
06250-10-316.00"2.50"2,500 Lbs3-1/41-14/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
06251-10-166.00"2.50"2,500 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
06251-10-206.00"2.50"2,500 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
06259-10-126.00"2.50"2,500 Lbs3-1/23/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
06259-10-166.00"2.50"2,500 Lbs3-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
06300-10-316.00"3.00"2,500 Lbs3-1/41-15/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
06301-10-166.00"3.00"2,500 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
06301-10-206.00"3.00"2,500 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
06309-10-126.00"3.00"2,500 Lbs3-1/23/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
06309-10-166.00"3.00"2,500 Lbs3-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
07300-10-317.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/41-15/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
07300-11-397.00"3.00"6,000 Lbs3-1/42-7/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
07301-10-167.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
07301-10-207.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
07301-11-207.00"3.00"6,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
07301-11-247.00"3.00"6,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/2H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
07309-10-127.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/23/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
07309-11-167.00"3.00"6,000 Lbs3-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
07309-11-207.00"3.00"6,000 Lbs3-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
08200-10-198.00"2.00"1,500 Lbs2-3/161-3/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
08201-10-108.00"2.00"1,500 Lbs2-3/165/8H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
08201-10-128.00"2.00"1,500 Lbs2-3/163/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
08300-10-318.00"3.00"3,500 Lbs3-1/41-15/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
08301-10-168.00"3.00"3,500 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
08301-10-208.00"3.00"3,500 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
08301-11-208.00"3.00"4,500 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
08309-10-128.00"3.00"4,500 Lbs3-1/23/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
08309-11-167.00"3.00"6,000 Lbs3-1/21-1/2Cast IronPrecision Tapered
08309-11-208.00"3.00"4,500 Lbs3-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
08400-10-398.00"4.00"5,000 Lbs4-1/42-7/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
08401-10-208.00"4.00"5,000 Lbs4-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
08409-10-168.00"4.00"5,000 Lbs4-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
08409-10-208.00"4.00"5,000 Lbs4-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
10300-10-3110.00"3.00"3,500 Lbs3-1/41-15/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
10300-11-3910.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/42-7/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
10301-10-1610.00"3.00"3,500 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
10301-10-2010.00"3.00"3,500 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
10301-11-2010.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
10301-11-2410.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/2H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
10309-10-1210.00"3.00"3,500 Lbs3-1/23/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
10309-10-1610.00"3.00"3,500 Lbs3-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
10309-11-1610.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
10309-11-2010.00"3.00"4,000 Lbs3-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
10400-10-3910.00"4.00"6,000 Lbs4-1/42-7/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
10401-10-2010.00"4.00"6,000 Lbs4-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
10409-10-1610.00"4.00"6,000 Lbs4-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
10409-10-2010.00"4.00"6,000 Lbs4-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
12251-10-1612.00"2.50"2,500 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
12251-10-2012.00"2.50"2,500 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
12301-10-1612.00"3.00"3,000 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
12301-10-2012.00"3.00"3,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
12309-10-1212.00"3.00"3,000 Lbs3-1/23/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
12309-10-1612.00"3.00"3,000 Lbs3-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
12400-12-3912.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/42-7/16Ductile IronWithout Bearing
12401-12-2012.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/41-1/4Ductile IronStraight Roller
12401-12-2412.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/41-1/2Ductile IronStraight Roller
12409-12-1612.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/21Ductile IronPrecision Tapered
12409-12-2012.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/21-1/4Ductile IronPrecision Tapered
12501-12-2012.00"5.00"10,000 Lbs5-1/41-1/4Ductile IronStraight Roller
12501-12-2412.00"5.00"10,000 Lbs5-1/41-1/2Ductile IronStraight Roller
12509-12-2012.00"5.00"15,000 Lbs5-1/21-1/4Ductile IronPrecision Tapered
12509-12-2412.00"5.00"15,000 Lbs5-1/21-1/2Ductile IronPrecision Tapered
12609-10-2012.00"6.00"10,000 Lbs6-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
12609-10-2412.00"6.00"10,000 Lbs6-1/21-1/2H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
14400-10-3914.00"4.00"7,000 Lbs4-1/42-7/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
14401-10-2014.00"4.00"7,000 Lbs4-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
14409-10-1614.00"4.00"7,000 Lbs4-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
14409-10-2014.00"4.00"7,000 Lbs4-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
16301-10-1616.00"3.00"3,000 Lbs3-1/41H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
16301-10-2016.00"3.00"3,000 Lbs3-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
16309-10-1616.00"3.00"3,000 Lbs3-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
16400-10-3916.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/42-7/16H.D. Cast IronWithout Bearing
16401-10-2016.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/41-1/4H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
16401-10-2416.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/41-1/2H.D. Cast IronStraight Roller
16409-10-1616.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/21H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
16409-10-2016.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/21-1/4H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
16409-10-2416.00"4.00"7,500 Lbs4-1/21-1/2H.D. Cast IronPrecision Tapered
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