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Caster Concepts is your partner specializing in optimizing mobility and enhancing performance in material handling equipment. We have helped hundreds of manufacturing companies realize improved safety, reduced push force, increased productivity, and significant savings.

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I am your dedicated partner for solutions that provide a positive impact on your employees and your bottom line.

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“Caster Concepts has delivered an exceptional product in a timely manner. Their team came and evaluated the needs of our facility and worked with our ergonomics and engineering team to understand the facility requirements as well as the needs of the production employees. That, combined with the high-quality American-made product line made them stand out as a leading supplier of casters and wheels for our company.”
– Adam
Manufacturing Engineer and Ergonomics Professional, Heavy Construction Equipment Manufacturer.

  • $20,000 saved

    on every overexertion injury eliminated

    Push forces reaching over 100 lbs. were costing $20K per injury combined with constant caster replacement.

    77 Series caster with TWERGO® wheels cut push force in half, significantly reducing costly overexertion injuries

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  • 60 high-risk tasks eliminated

    Overexertion injuries were stacking up on four cart designs, moved by up to 118 operators daily.

    By switching to Caster Concepts’ Twergo casters, more than 60 High-Risk Tasks were eliminated, positively affecting over 500 total cart operations.

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  • 60% reduction

    in push force

    Large tire manufacturers having trouble (and injuries) manually moving large and heavy tread carts.

    Switching to Twergo® wheels reduced push force to safe standards and ErgoTread coated wheels help dispel debris from collecting on wheel.

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Caster & Wheel Solutions For Tire Manufacturing

Caster Concepts has worked with many tire manufacturing plants to help them solve issues related to higher load capacities, overexertion, floor debris, and high-temperature environments.