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TWERGO® Lite Ergonomic Casters Play a Lead Role With Movie Equipment.

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A Heating and Cooling Equipment Rental Company specializing in the film production industry provides equipment for movie sets. The film industry is a very demanding, high-pressure environment that requires equipment to be effective and reliable. The company’s equipment is all on casters, which were starting to break down and delaminate. To complicate matters, cramped movie sets made access to units difficult, making it almost impossible to replace the casters.

Their most popular unit used for a movie set weighs 3,200lb.  At this weight, it’s delivered by flatbed truck and lowered to the ground by crane. The ground is often sloped and uneven, requiring up to 4 people to move the unit into the sound stage. The challenge then becomes maneuvering the equipment in tight places, especially when so many people are involved and injuries can occur. A reliable ergonomic caster that could stand up to demanding conditions while reducing push force was desperately needed.

The solution: Twergo® Lite Wheels

TWERGO® Lite low profile heavy-duty casters were chosen because of their durable and rugged build while providing significant ergonomic improvements. The customer stated that “The difference between what we had and what we ultimately purchased was night and day.” The end user added “Fluid movement and greatly reduced exertion made moving these [units] a piece of cake” Furthermore, movement of the units did not require more than two people, providing a significant reduction in labor costs and increasing productivity.


  • Breakdowns were eliminated

  • Productivity was increased by reducing labor requirements in half

  • Risk of injury due to overexertion was significantly reduced

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