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The Awesome Benefits of Our New Hercules Heavy Duty Caster

May 12, 2019 By:

The Awesome Benefits of Our New Hercules Heavy Duty Caster

When it comes to shopping for the best casters for your abusive application, it seems as if you have two options. You could choose a caster that is maintenance-free and ergonomic, or you could choose one that was designed to withstand the abuse of forklift side impacts and the effects of being rolled over potholes repeatedly. If this sounds familiar, check out our new Hercules heavy duty caster, which was designed to provide you with the best of both worlds.

What’s Familiar with Our New Hercules Heavy Duty Caster?

At first glance, our brand-new Hercules heavy duty caster may look very familiar. It closely resembles our TWERGO line of ergonomic casters that was designed to reduce push force and exertion, thus reducing the risk of workplace injuries. The Hercules line of casters offers many of those same features. Thanks to the unique polyurethane tread, smooth rotation, and extended lead, it offers incredibly ergonomic safety. When your employees’ jobs are simpler, and when there is less risk involved in moving loads, productivity increases a great deal, which boosts your revenue.

The Hercules heavy duty caster also boasts our unique maintenance-free design. Rather than requiring regular lubrication to keep things moving, the Hercules line comes with precision-sealed ball bearings that reduce downtime while improving the overall lifespan of the caster itself. Less downtime and lower maintenance costs benefits your company’s bottom line. This is a common feature for our products and one that we were happy to use for the Hercules line.

What Makes the Hercules Caster Unique?

Now that you know why the Hercules heavy duty caster looks and seems so familiar, it’s time to look at the things that make it perfect for applications where they will be abused. First and foremost, the caster has reinforced legs that were designed to help stabilize the caster when exposed to repeated side impacts from forklifts or the stress associated with repeated trips over potholes and other flooring imperfections. Typical casters would weaken quickly, but the reinforced legs of the Hercules caster stand up to this abuse.

Though the Hercules line comes in two major styles – the Rigid 55 Series and the Rigid 57 – each of which offering its own unique top plate size, you can customize your company’s casters any way you’d like. Available customizations include access to toe guards, your choice of polyurethane treads to suit your applications requirements, and optional swivel guards. If you have concerns about your carts’ unique bolt patterns, we can provide you with a custom caster that will suit your specifications exactly.

Until recently, finding a heavy duty caster that not only offered the ergonomic and maintenance-free design our customers have come to trust, but one that also offered protection from common abuses like side impacts and potholes, was all but impossible. However, thanks to the introduction of the Hercules line of heavy duty caster wheels from Caster Concepts, it is now possible to enjoy the best of both worlds as you keep your employees safe and enhance caster life.

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