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CHALLENGE: Provide low vibration on uneven floors

“We designed a prototype cart to transport products, which are very delicate, from one workstation to another.  This application required a moderate weight rating and a smooth ride (on floors that aren’t level).  Our products cannot be exposed to an extensive amount of vibration and the cart must be able to maneuver very freely.

“The CasterShoX 50 & 51 series casters exceeded our expectations by providing excellent performance such as, a very quiet and smooth ride with the durability that we were searching for in a medium to heavy-duty caster.  Because of the performance chracteristics of CasterShoX casters, we have since ordered more of the 50 & 51 series casters to use in other applications.”

– Engineering Specialist, Silicon Component Provider, Eaton, OH  
ORIGIN: Provider of silicon components
END CUSTOMER: Motor Manufacturing Unit of Automotive Company
APPLICATION: Transport products from one work station to another
SOLUTION: CCI was able to solve the problem by supplying the company with CasterShox product
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