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August 7, 2014 By: Bill deMink


In January 2007, after two years of research and development and a quarter million dollar investment, Caster Concepts released CasterShoX® casters, a radically new line of shock absorption casters.

Based on patented ultra-compact shock absorption technologies, CasterShoX® core is entirely contained within the caster wheel. Implementing CasterShoX® products is as simple as changing wheels. Tested in industrial settings, CasterShoX® casters reduce noise sources by as much as 15 dbA, a magnitude of reduction providing significant effect in reducing noise induced hearing loss. As a result, the National Institute of Health funded R&D for this product.

CasterShoX® casters are identical to conventional casters in appearance, shape and size. CasterShoX® caster wheels come in two standard sizes, 6×2 inch and 8×2 inch. Wheels can be treaded with high quality Caster Concepts polyurethane ranging from 70A to 70D. Solid, high strength, glass-filled nylon wheels are also available. CasterShoX® casters are available in single or dual wheel configuration. CasterShoX® wheels use a giant, super smooth deep groove ball bearing which guarantees superior roll-ability and ergonomics.

CasterShoX® core provides 3/4 of an inch of compliance and is currently manufactured with three varieties of spring stiffness. The light duty core has a 500 lbs. capacity, the medium, 1000 lbs., and the heavy duty core, 1500 lbs. Compared to traditional spring loaded casters, CasterShoX® casters are smaller, more economical and better performing because they inherently add damping to ensure stability.


CasterShoX® products are elastomeric based spring systems with a compact monolithic support structure which serves to guide the movement of the suspension system. The monolithic structure makes our products both robust and easily manufactured using conventional manufacturing processes. To correctly engineer our products, we use design methods employed in MEMS (micro-electro mechanical systems) design, where there are moving parts but no obvious joints or linkages, and thus very little wear occurs




CasterShoX® by Caster Concepts

Safety is the most compelling reason to use shock-absorbing casters such as CasterShoX®. Extended exposure to higher decibel (dbA) noise in the workplace results in a more hazardous work environment due to hearing loss, stress and fatigue. While the federal noise level standard for continuous exposure is 85 dbA, it is common in many manufacturing facilities to be continuously exposed to noise levels above 95 dbA. CasterShoX® casters can reduce noise levels by as much as 15 dbA.

Ergonomics and economics are also reasons to consider shock absorption functionality when purchasing or upgrading your caster system. The shock absorption function reduces wear on caster components, thus extending the life of the caster product. The spring system also reduces the vibrations transmitted through the cart and into the contents being carried, thus reducing the likelihood of damaging the carried cargo. Floor wear and damage are also substantially reduced when casters are implemented with this damping mechanism. The suspension system allows all wheels to remain in contact with the traveling surface, providing better traction and preventing uneven floor loading.

CasterShoX® vs. Conventional Spring-Loaded Casters



Comparison Chart of Vibration with CasterShoX®

While CasterShoX® casters function in a similar manner as conventional spring-loaded casters, unique differences make CasterShoX® a superior choice.

Speed of Implementation: Based on an ultra-compact design, CasterShoX® products can be added quickly to almost any delivery system. The shock absorber is placed directly into the wheel without modifying the wheel in any way. As a result, CasterShoX® wheels can be mounted onto existing caster rigs with a set of adapter plates. Delivery carts can easily be retrofitted with CasterShoX® in minutes without the need to modify the cart structure.

Price: CasterShoX® casters cost approximately 30-50% less than conventional spring-loaded casters. When the time savings from speedy implementation are also considered, CasterShoX® products are an even more affordable solution.

Superior Damping: Unlike conventional casters which have little or no damping, CasterShoX® inherent damping properties provide superior stability and noise rejection. The CasterShoX® system can reduce shock loads by 80% and noise sources by 15 decibels. Additionally, CasterShoX® 20 Series heavy-duty shocks provide 3/4 inch of travel so they can absorb almost any shock load or vibration in a factory environment.





CasterShoX® Wheel on existing caster

Finding the right CasterShoX® product requires an understanding of the speeds, loads and environmental conditions of your unique situation. Caster Concepts engineers will work with you to help you find the optimal product for your needs.

The 20 Series CasterShoX® product provides an excellent illustration of the amount of fine tuning that Caster Concepts applies to its solutions. CasterShoX® 20 Series shock products are available in three levels of stiffness, allowing you to manage loads of specific weights.



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