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Wheels of Fortune for Jet Engines at RICO Equipment

October 29, 2012

Wheels of Fortune for Jet Engines at RICO Equipment

When Rod Loveday, Project Engineer at RICO Equipment, needed some heavy duty wheels the first thing he did was browse through his caster supplier catalogs. “Caster Concepts was the only manufacturer with the capacity we needed,” said Loveday.

The total weight of RICO’s engine transporter and cargo is more than 80,000 pounds, with Boeing’s 787 engine itself weighing 65,000 pounds. Wheel diameter, height stack-up, and top plate access were also critical for the battery operated jet engine platform. Working closely with Zach Norkey, inside sales, and Karen Travis, engineering director, a caster was developed that fit all the attributes RICO needed.

“Caster Concepts promptly provided a robust 3D model. I plugged it into our design and was immediately impressed with the fit and swivel rotation,” explains Loveday, “once delivered and installed the wheels performed better than expected with no ‘kick’ when turning, an important factor in keeping the unit stable.”

Caster Concepts manufactures wheels and casters to meet customer needs, including:

• Capacity: 500-50,000 lbs
• Diameter: 1-35 inches
• Material: over 40 options
• Width: 1-20 inches
• Bearings: over 10 options
• Customization: unlimited


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