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January 25, 2018 By:

Industries that Rely on Ergonomic Caster Wheels to Get the Job Done

The workplace injury is one of the biggest expenses any employer in any industry can face. The good news is that there is much to be done to reduce risk, and one of the best steps you can take involves installing ergonomic caster wheels. These are designed to make loads easier to move and therefore […]


January 23, 2018 By:

How to Understand Weight Capacities when Choosing a Caster Wheel

When it comes to choosing the right caster wheel for the job, it’s important that you understand how a particular caster’s weight capacity will influence your decision. This quick guide will help you better understand what weight capacity is and how you should calculate the casters and sizes you need to keep your workplace safe. […]


January 18, 2018 By:

How the Automotive Industry Relies on the Right Caster Wheels During Production

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has set forth guidelines for workplace safety that all employers must follow. On top of this, the automotive industry requires heavy parts moved from one part of the facility to the next, which opens up the possibility of injury. The automotive industry relies on the right casters […]


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