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June 12, 2020 By: Bill deMink

3 Considerations When Using Heavy Duty Industrial Casters Outdoors

Although Industrial casters are generally designed for indoor use, many casters can be used in outdoor applications when the need arises. When choosing casters for use outdoors, corrosion, deterioration, and ground conditions are some of the factors that will influence your purchase decision. Here are a few things to consider: Moisture Resistance/Ultraviolet Resistance  Water, humidity, snow, […]


June 11, 2020 By: Bill deMink

Solving automated system and material handling challenges for commercial and military applications.

Conceptual Innovations has a long success story of designing and building custom solutions for automated systems and material handling needs for aerospace, automotive, military, and many other commercial applications.  In the process, they have saved their customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting prototypes to productions faster, moved more materials safer with less effort, […]


May 6, 2020 By: Bill deMink

Keeping operating costs shipshape with American Muscle Casters.

A facility specializing in marine repair and industrial services had a ship they needed to repair ASAP, as every day it was out of the water it was costing the owner thousands of dollars in lost revenue. To complete the repair, the shipyard had to build a mobile Gantry frame so that they could lift […]


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