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Reducing push force: Carrying the load at a truck assembly plant.

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The Situation:

A large American automotive manufacturer has an assembly plant where they make full-size pickups. The plant uses dollies for material handling to transport materials between the assembly plant and metal center to cut down on the time it takes to ship parts and reduce handling time.

These dollies were moving loads weighing up to 2,100 pounds and required significant push force to move. With crews running around the clock, overexertion injuries were starting to take their toll.

The solution: 57 Series Maintenance-Free Caster with 8” TWERGO® ergonomic wheel.

A 57 Series caster was paired with a TWERGO® wheel to offer excellent ergonomic performance. The TWERGO wheel has a unique tread thickness that minimizes friction and eliminates scrubbing and sliding when turning. The smooth swivel action combined with the extended lead of the 57 Series caster also helps to lower ergonomic forces and minimize employee injuries. The end result? A 50% reduction in push force to less than 30 pounds. And a 100% satisfaction rate. Looks like trucks aren’t the only thing designed to carry a heavy load at this assembly plant.


• Ergonomic design significantly reduced risk of overexertion injuries

• Heavy loads on dollies were easier to move and maneuver

• Tapered tread on Caster dispelled debris and reduced friction

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