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April 9, 2021

The Problem

At a busy top-tier OEM supplier, the constant loading of material handling carts was causing a significant amount of side impact for the casters. Every year, more than 250 caster rigs needed replacing. Reducing downtime became a top priority.

The Hercules Solution

Heavy Duty CastersHercules Casters have reinforced legs that protect against severe side impact associated with forklifts and track channels. After two years and abusive conditions, the Hercules casters are still going strong. Reducing downtime with Hercules casters also helped the supplier realize lower maintenance costs. The benefits added up to saving thousands each year.




Herculean Savings

250 rigs/year –                                              $7000 x 5 = $35,000

Maintenance – 30 min/caster at $40/hr.   $5,000 x 5 = $25,000

Downtime – $124 x $250/hr.                        $31,000 x 5 = $155,000

5-Year Savings: $215,000             Based on a conservative estimate of 5 years equates in a savings of $215K.
Caster changeover can be costly and can impact your business operations. That’s why Hercules casters from Caster Concepts offer unrivaled durability to stand up to your most abusive applications. 

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