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ProMat 2017 Product Launch

March 29, 2017

ProMat 2017 Product Launch

New Products Launched at ProMat 2017

At this year’s ProMat we introduced three new heavy duty industrial caster wheel product lines; the foot activated swivel lock, the foot activated brake, and the 77 Series rig. The ErgoMaxx™ approved product lines were unveiled in front of a record number of attendees and received overwhelmingly positive responses. The products place an emphasis on improved ergonomic safety and productivity as opposed to the lowest price approach used by many producers. 

With positive projections for manufacturing it appears that customers are gearing up for increased production and looking to improve processes in order to keep up with demand.

Series 77 Maintenance Free Rig


77 Series Maintenance Free Caster

77 Series Maintenance Free Caster

The 77 Series rig is a part of our ErgoMaxx™ line of ergonomic products designed to reduce force exerted. The Series 77 compliments our maintenance free line of rigs by supporting 3” wide wheels, while increasing maximum weight capacity to 3,500lbs.


• Reduce force required to turn or start rolling when all wheels are not parallel
• Never needs maintenance, reducing overall cost and providing consistent performance
• Popular top plate dimensions 5” x 7.25”



Ergo Brake – Foot Actuated


Foot Actuated Ergonomic brake on a 57 series caster

Foot Actuated Ergonomic brake on a 57 series caster

Our Foot actuated Wheel Brake is designed to eliminate the bending, stretching, twisting and reaching which most brakes require in order to engage and disengage. Those motions are a common cause of injury to operators. The brakes also reduce the risk of an unmanned cart rolling off , and potentially crashing into a person or object.


• Easily accessible lever that engages or disengages with a single motion
• Stop the caster wheels from rolling when engaged
• Increase stopping power by adding additional  brakes to casters on the cart




Foot Actuated Swivel Lock

Ergonomic Swivel Lock

Foot Actuated  Swivel Lock

Convert a swivel caster into a fixed position rigid caster with a simple foot swipe. Our new Foot Actuated Swivel Lock eliminates the need for the operator to bend, reach, twist and stretch in order to engage or disengage. A simple swipe of the foot engages the lock and fixes the position of the caster at either 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

• Easily accessible lever that engages or disengages with a single motion
• Lever is in a fixed location, never rotates under the cart, ensuring easy access
• Locking wheels gives operator greater control and precision when steering

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