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A flat-faced caster is a caster wheel with a flat face as opposed to a tapered or round face. A flat face is better for heavier load capacity because the weight is dispersed over a larger footprint, which covers a larger area on the floor.

High-heat casters are ideal for moving casters into an oven or other high-temperature environment. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure your equipment can handle the heat is crucial. Elevated temperatures can significantly impact the performance and longevity of your casters, and failing to address this issue could result in costly equipment failure or downtime. Caster Concepts offers a range of High Heat Casters for operating environments above 150°F and up to 450°F. These casters can be ordered by adding HT to the end of part numbers that support the following features:

The kingpinless caster has a swivel section with a simpler design that also provides some definitive reliability benefits. This component is constructed of a top plate with a forged inner race, an outer race to which the legs are attached, and ball bearings between the two pieces. Unlike its counterpart, which requires a bolt or lug (known as a kingpin) to join the swivel section and support the swiveling motion, this unique design completely eliminates the need for such added infrastructure. By having the kingpin removed, loads are distributed more evenly across the remaining components in the swivel section – enhancing its strength and making it immune to deformation, which could shear or snap the kingpin relative to the exertion of certain types of forces.

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