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A flat-faced caster is a caster wheel with a flat face as opposed to a tapered or round face. A flat face is better for heavier load capacity because the weight is dispersed over a larger footprint, which covers a larger area on the floor.

Kingpin casters are an original and traditional caster design that has been used for a long time. They feature a design where a kingpin holds together two sets of bearings, one on top and one on the bottom. A stem, typically a threaded bolt with a slotted nut or sometimes a rivet, is used to fasten the components of the swivel section to the top plate. The kingpin design utilizes a load bearing and thrust bearing to transmit the load.

  • The kingpin allows for adjustment as the swivel section wears, which can extend the caster’s life.
  • Thrust Bearings: Kingpin casters can accommodate thrust bearings. This is especially beneficial for applications with continuous use, such as automated systems, where the caster experiences frequent movement.

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