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Casters that reduce force load and maneuver easily. Introducing the 95HD Caster.

December 29, 2020

 A high-capacity swivel section on our new 95HD reduces a cart’s force load, making it easier to move and maneuver. The 95HD fits a gap between our 91 Series and our 99 Series by offering a significant increase in load capacity: 25,000 lb. to be exact. An integrally forged kingpin, slotted adjusting nut, and continuously welded legs add strength and longevity. With plenty of benefits and an increased load capacity, the 95HD is a cost-effective and efficient choice for many applications.

Heavy Duty Casters on Line Delivery Carts

95HD: A caster that reduces force load and maneuvers easily.


Easier movement means less strain on automated vehicles, offering additional energy and power-saving advantages.


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