Large Casters that Lower Push Force, Move More Material and Reduce Wheel Replacements.

Choosing the right caster has a significant impact on your plant’s performance.

Balancing between maximizing load weights and minimizing overexertion injuries and noise is a material handling challenge. Our solutions engineers will work with you to specify the correct caster to manage these trade-offs, delivering casters that lower push force and reduce caster replacement for quantified improvements in cost, uptime, and safety.

Large Equipment Manufacturer Saves $230,000 A Year With ERGOXCEL™

Replacing an inexpensive, $30 import rig with a phenolic wheel with ERGOXCEL changed the game for an equipment manufacturer. The import rigs had increasing push forces and didn’t stand up to heavy use, failing and requiring frequent replacements.

Upgrading to ERGOXCEL™ ergonomic, maintenance-free casters on all carts had a 4-month payback, generating annual savings of $230,000 in maintenance costs. The use of an engineered solution also increased productivity and employee safety.

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Case Study

ERGOXCEL™ ergonomic, maintenance-free casters replaced the inexpensive import casters on all carts. These forged steel casters can withstand shock loading and side forces, and the parabolic wheels make it easier to push carts to reduce overexertion injuries. The casters have been operating for 2 years without the need for replacement. This helped the company recoup its investment in the new ERGOXCEL casters in only 4 months. The company now saves $230,000 annually in maintenance costs while realizing an increase in productivity.

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Our casters are designed for optimum ergonomic performance.

Let’s discuss your material handling challenges:

  • Move more material with 25% less push force on average – with Twergo™ casters
  • Tight turn radius –Swivel-on-Swivel lessens turning footprint
  • Factory noise reduction – CasterShoX®  can reduce shock loads by 80% and noise by 15 dB.
  • Long life casters – ERGOXCEL™.

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Our heavy duty industrial casters help move heavier loads easier, last longer, and minimize operator stress. Meaning a better ROI for you.

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