Caster Concepts' Heavy Duty Casters Allow AGVs To Realize 50% Greater Battery Run Time To Carry Heavier Loads Longer!

  • AGV Casters Carry Large Loads Longer on a Single Charge

    Less Scrubbing and Friction Increase AGV Efficiency in both Payloads and Battery Performance

    • Reduced binding and friction create less strain on the drive train/battery
    • Casters designed to support loads from 1,500 to 250,000 lbs
    • Swivel-on-Swivel technology/independently rotating wheels for smoother movement

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  • Tighter Tracking + Increased Accuracy = Fewer Faults

    Smoother Movement Means Precise Tracking and Less Chance to Fault

    • Swivel-on-Swivel technology moves AGVs easier for fewer faults
    • Smoother reversing movements and easier omnidirectional maneuvering
    • High rollability of AGV casters ensures better tracking


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  • Increased Caster Efficiency Extends Battery Runtime and Reduces Drive Train Wear and Tear

    AGV Casters Work Efficiently to Optimize Battery Efficiency

    • Extended battery runtime = higher productivity
    • Reduced binding and friction with floor
    • Better moving/maneuvering of heavy loads

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  • 97 Series Casters Help AGVs Carry Heavier Loads on a Single Charge

    • Dual wheel bearings increase load capacity up to 20,000 lbs.
    • Even distribution of load and longer life in continuous-use applications
    • Better maneuverability helps reduce AGV battery drain

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  • 194 Series TWERGO® Xtreme Offers Heavy Duty Stability for Precise Tracking with Fewer Faults

    • Dual Swivel Section Minimizes Castering Effect
    • Absorbs shocks, resulting in smoother movement
    • Enhanced Maneuverability Lowers Push/Pull Force
    • Dumbbell Configuration Increases Load Capacity

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  • Swivel-on-Swivel Casters Extend Battery Runtime and Reduc AGV Wear and Tear

    • Dual Swivel Sections Transfer Energy, Reduce Turning Force.
    • Swivel-on-Swivel Decreases Faults by Reducing Shifting
    • Innovative Design Reduces Castering Effect
    • Less Caster Friction to Extend Battery Runtime

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  • Swivel-on-Swivel Casters Save $175K Utilizing Existing Drive System.

    A challenge for an exploration company was lowering the force required to move conventional swivel casters during directional shifts, which was burdening the entire drive system.

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  • Airplane Manufacturer Achieves Increased Battery Life with TWERGO.

    An airplane manufacturer converted from tuggers to automated guided vehicles (AGV) to move large work platforms. This move increased push force, which impacted the performance of the AGVs by reducing speed and battery life.

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  • Motorized Roll Lifter With Swivel-on-Swivel Casters Powers Tesla.

    A Tesla plant needed to safely transport a 6,500-lb. roll of material from the staging area into the production line. It demanded precise alignment with the feeding machines, which required a custom-engineered solution.

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  • Kurtis Myers - AGV Solutions Expert

    Kurtis Myers is a seasoned professional on our sales team with more than 16 years of solving ease-of-movement and durability solutions in AGV, AGC, Aerospace, and Automotive conveyance caster and wheel applications. To set up a meeting with Kurtis, click on the link below.

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  • Doug Backinger - MSE Manufacturing Engineering, Vice President of Solutions and Innovation

    Doug brings a well-rounded background of engineering expertise and sales leadership driven by a lean Six Sigma methodology to solve unique material handling challenges. To set up a meeting with Doug, click on the link below.

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  • Tyler George - AGV Solutions Expert.

    Tyler is a AGV Solutions expert with proven experience developing solutions for clients in the Heavy Equipment and agriculture industries to move more product over a given timeframe for higher productivity and profits. To set up a meeting with Tyler, click on the link below.

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