Meet With Push Force Expert Doug Backinger

Experience a 55% reduction in push force in a hands-on demo, and discuss how to increase safety and efficiency in your facility.

Move 2500 With One Person LP Graphic - Desktop

Move 2500 with one person LP Graphic - Mobile

  • Are Employee Complaints Going Up and Morale Going Down?

    • Lower Push Force Means Fewer Strains and Pains
    • Healthy Employees Are More Productive
    • Less Injuries, Less Complaints, Less Downtime

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  • Losing Time and Money Because Employees Aren’t at Work?

    • Casters That Move More Parts, Not More Carts
    • Have the Resources You Need to Move the Resources You Have.
    • Reducing the Effort (and Injuries) Moving Heavier Loads

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  • Are Insurance Claims and an Injured Workforce on the Rise?

    • Minimize Injuries and Mobilize Insurance Premiums
    • Reduce the Causes of Injury to Reduce Costs
    • Consider the Benefits of Casters as a Safety Item

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    • Tapered Tread Design for a Tight Turning Radius
    • Exhibit Less Rolling Resistance on Average of 50%
    • More People Can Push a Cart Safely
    • Operators Can Increase Cart Weight Without Increasing Push Force

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  • Swivel on Swivel - TWERGO® Xtreme

    • Dual Swivel Section Minimizes the Castering Effect
    • Enables Straight-Line Movement for Carts
    • Enhanced Maneuverability and Reduced Push/Pull Force
    • Barbell Configuration Achieves Maximum Load Capacity and Maximum Ergonomic Benefits.

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  • Drive Caster®

    • Motor-Driven Caster wheel Powered by a 1/2hp Electric Motor
    • 2,000 lbs. Traditional Load Movement
    • Towing Caster Capacity is 5,000 pounds
    • Integrates Into a Variety of Applications.

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  • TWERGO® delivers Tier One Tire Manufacturer 300% ROI

    A challenge for a tire company revolved around four cart designs that up to 118 operators would move daily. Overexertion injuries were increasing, along with a list of worker complaints.

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  • Lower Comp Claims Make a Timely Arrival on Aircraft Tooling Stands.

    Large aircraft tooling stands are utilized for maintenance and repair. One aerospace corporation was experiencing injuries on their 14,000 lb. tooling stands that required several people, and minutes, to move.

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  • Optimizing Cart Efficiency and Safety for Ford’s New Engine Cell.

    Three carts within a new engine cell were hard to maneuver and move. These challenges were affecting productivity and causing injury, a situation that concerned upper management.

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  • Chris Johnson - Ergonomic Solutions Expert

    Chris is a Territory Manager at Caster Concepts. He is one of our material handling experts with a strong background in business management and online media. To set up a meeting with Chris, click on the link below.

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  • Doug Backinger - Vice President of Sales

    Doug is Vice President of Sales. He brings a well-rounded background of outstanding sales leadership and a high level of engineering knowledge to the Caster Concepts team. To set up a meeting with Doug, click on the link below.

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  • Matt Feichter - Ergonomics Solutions Expert

    Matt is a Territory Manager with over 10 years of sales experience providing effective solutions to our customers’ material handling needs. To set up an appointment with Matt, click on the link below.

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