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It’s Showtime: Andrew Dobbins on responsibility, resilience, and reviving a city.

November 4, 2021

It’s Showtime: Andrew Dobbins on responsibility, resilience, and reviving a city.

We recently caught back up with Andrew Dobbins, VP of Manufacturing of Caster Concepts. He was happy to share some insights on how his time spent at Caster Concepts has made him a better person and a better boss. Also covered is the role Caster Cares plays in the development of the community. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your role is at Caster Concepts.

A: My name is Andrew Dobbins, and I am VP of Manufacturing at Caster Concepts. I oversee all our manufacturing operations, both internally and outside of the facilities. I also provide support to the crew on the shop floor. This includes answering questions on how things go together with our new Aerol acquisition. I also support Reaction Industries from a processing standpoint based on my sixteen years of polyurethane processing experience.

What growth have you seen in yourself and the company as a whole?

I don’t think I will ever stop learning. And I am bullheaded enough to take on a challenge or opportunity and run with it! I am also fortunate to have my father here. He has provided me with some valuable insights learned from his years of manufacturing experience. The business has grown in a lot of areas, and that includes people. And it includes my growth as well. Through a lot of effort and determination, I keep working to be a better person, a better leader, and a better boss.  This resolve has helped me get to where I am today. Part of my growth also comes from pursuing my MBA. I think that with the complexity of running a business nowadays, you must continue to self-develop. We all have the ability to make tomorrow a better day. That’s why I keep a sign next to my desk as a reminder. It says EVERYDAY IS SHOWTIME.

How does Caster Cares fit into all this?
Caster Cares is an extension of Caster Concepts that focuses on education, community development, and civic engagement. Its goal is to manufacture greatness within our people and to positively impact families, communities, and customers. Without all of those working together, things don’t line up. A good example of the positive impact it can have relates to our summer concert series we put on called Swingin’ at the Shell. If you came down to the park on a Sunday night seventeen years ago when it all started, having 100 people show up would be a big night. Early this summer at one of our concerts, we had 1,000 people! Or the work we do through INNOVATE Albion. Even during the pandemic when classes got dropped, you had students who needed and wanted to learn something. But everything was canceled. So, all the work that Caroline and Elmer did to roll out Girls Who Code classes was all part of the Caster Cares initiative. For them to provide that experience was unbelievable.

How have all these changes affected the city of Albion?

The work that is going on in downtown Albion is amazing. It is both fun and rewarding to see the things that have developed in the last 3-4 years. It has been a long haul, and in seventeen more years, who knows where we will be. It’s true that you can find this kind of energy and excitement in much bigger cities, but to have it happen here in Albion is really special.

You are also the President of Mitchell Golf and an avid golfer. What experiences from the game of golf do you think apply to business and life?

I think that there are a lot of things that you can learn from golf. First, it’s an individual sport, you are not relying on anyone else. The biggest thing that it has taught me that transfers to life or business is perseverance. Not every shot is going to be good, some are going to be better than others. But you need to keep moving forward.  At the end of the day, like I tell my son, “Hit it, chase it, and then hit it again.” How this applies to work is that you are going to have adversity and challenges. But face these and move on. Hit it and chase it.

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