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In the Driver’s Seat: Automotive Supplier Equips Drive Caster™ Kits to Improve Ergonomics and Efficiency in Plant Operations.

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A large global automotive supplier was utilizing a number of carts to transport materials around their plant. These carts were all the same specified height but came in a variety of weights and sizes. With so many configurations, moving some of these carts manually was becoming a challenge, especially in tight spaces. This process was causing overexertion and injury to the workers which was becoming a costly concern.

And these issues were compounded by the fact that the casters currently on the cart were a competitor’s and were not operating effectively in terms of ergonomics or efficiency.

The Solution:
To steer clear of the problem, the customer was eager for a cost-effective and ergonomically
sound solution, so they came to CCI looking for help.

Caster Concepts brought the customer in to the plant and presented some viable options to review. After seeing the different casters in action, they chose to go with the Drive Caster™ which integrates the caster and motor in one unit.

Because the Drive Caster™ is designed to retrofit easily into existing equipment, no special modifications or conversions were needed. The Drive Casters were mounted on a turntable plate on the carts without difficulty, making the carts easy to push and maneuver. The result was a more efficient production process and a significant reduction in worker injury.

SOLD! Due to the success of the Drive Caster™ kits for this specific application, the customer is now interested in having CCI work with other departments and has started the process of purchasing future Drive Casters.


  • Able to retrofit on existing equipment easily, no modifications were needed

  • Self-contained: Single unit integrates caster and motor

  • Carts became easy to push and maneuver, significantly reducing worker injury 

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