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Side Angle Mount (S.A.M.) Running Gear

  • Heavy-duty running gear with a shock-absorbing unit that bolts to the side of ground support equipment
  • Allows for front and rear steering installations, rigid or steerable
  • Flexible design allows maneuvering in restricted areas or convention steering when towed

Dual Wheel Pneumatic

  • Protects both the floor and the load
  • Excellent for outdoor use on rough or uneven surfaces
  • Ideal for shock absorption and cushioning the load

Aluminum Casters

  • Vari-Flex design achieves optimal shock reduction for dual wheel designs
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum ideal for all weather applications
  • Available with swivel lock and wheel brake for added safety

Swivel-On-Swivel Twergo Extreme

  • Swivel-On-Swivel (SOS) design reduces turning radius and requires less force to push and maneuver.
  • Features the TwergoTM Extreme Wheel, a multi-wheel design with independently rotating wheels to reduce friction when turning
  • The dual wheel design allows for higher weight capacity per caster at a lower overall height

Kurtis Myers

Kurtis Myers is a seasoned professional on our sales team who specializes in Aerospace, Automotive conveyance, AGV, and AGC caster and wheel applications. For more than a decade, Kurtis has helped clients overcome issues associated with expensive workman comp claims and overexertion injuries as well as the costs associated with downtime and maintenance repair. Whatever your ground support challenges, you can count on Kurtis to come up with a complete and cost-effective solution.

Doug Backinger

Caster Concept’s go-to solutions guy and Vice President of Sales is Doug Backinger. Doug received his Masters of Engineering from the University of Michigan. Doug brings a six-sigma methodology to Caster Concepts with a proven ability to take on challenging projects and deliver results for his customers. His engineering expertise combined with his ability to lead and inspire others led to his recent promotion to Vice President of Sales.

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Ground support systems are a go with Caster Concepts. And with the acquisition of Aerol, Inc., we’ve expanded our abilities even further to meet the stringent standards that the Aerospace and Military sectors demand. Let’s talk about how we can help you overcome your ground support challenges.

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