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Getting more productivity from your line carts starts with more production from your heavy duty casters.

August 24, 2020

Cart delivery continues to be a popular trend in the material handling industry, and its no wonder. Carts can minimize travel time and increase the material flow at a company while reducing traffic, congestion, and improving safety.

Line Delivery Carts are often pulled by a Tug, creating a tug train. Having more carts in tow can be more productive. However, the longer the chain becomes the more friction that occurs with the carts toward the end of the train. This friction can slow cart movement significantly. It also puts a lot of strain on the casters, especially the ones at the end. 

This makes choosing the right casters important from both an economical and an ergonomic standpoint. One perfect caster for use with auto guided vehicles and line delivery carts is the Swivel on Swivel (SoS) caster. With a longer swivel lead than conventional casters, it takes less force to rotate the caster and get it moving. And thanks to its sealed ball bearings and kingpinless design, it is also maintenance free, eliminating maintenance costs and increasing caster longevity.

Shock-absorbing heavy-duty casters are another way to reduce friction in a long delivery cart line. The shock absorption function reduces wear on caster components, thus extending the life of the caster. The spring system also reduces the vibrations transmitted through the cart and into the contents being carried. This gives the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of damaging the cargo. Floor wear and damage are also substantially reduced when casters are implemented with a damping mechanism like what is found with CasterShoX® casters. These spring-loaded casters will carry loads from a few hundred pounds to more than 20,000 pounds.

Reducing Push Pull Force

Customer: Major US Automobile Manufacturer

Note (US Automakers hold themselves to very high standards when it comes to safety, including ergonomics. They realize that injuries due to overexertion are the most common injuries in the workplace and that those injuries can be detrimental in various ways. This includes increased employee absence, productivity loss, and rising health care costs.

Application: Line Delivery Carts

Problem: Carts with loads of about 1,800 lbs required 41 lbs of initial push force, the automaker’s goal was 32 lbs of force. Some of the operators were in some cases “struggling” to push these carts.

Solution: Replaced the existing casters with Caster Concept’s 57 series rigs and TWERGO® wheels. The swivel lead was extended, reducing the force needed to start rolling when wheels were not parallel.

Result: Initial Push / Pull Force was reduced to 32 lbs of pressure, resulting in reduced risk of injury and happier operators, while increasing morale.

In situations where carts are being moved manually — whether it’s manually moving a delivery cart in a specific location or a standard pushcart — the amount of effort or push force to move these carts must be considered. If the push force is too high on these carts to move manually, the load capacity must be reduced. If a significant amount of weight must be removed, that means productivity will also take a hit. Pushing a cart that is too heavy can also lead to operator injury. 

To help reduce push force and increase the capacity that can be safely moved, TWERGO® wheels offer independent rolling in a multi wheel-in-one design. On average, these wheels achieve a 25% reduction in push force, so carts can move much easier.

With the increased use of Line Delivery Carts, so is the increased need for industrial heavy-duty casters. 

Whether you are looking for standard heavy-duty steel casters, need them to lock or swivel, or offer shock absorption, Caster Concepts has a solution.  We are one of the country’s leading providers of standard and custom caster wheels, including a full series of heavy-duty American Muscle Casters. They offer one of the industry’s shortest lead times, making them a go-to choice for many industries. For more information, chat with a Caster Concepts representative or call 517-680-7950.

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