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Unique Applications

Unique Caster Wheel Applications

When challenged with moving an object that is unique, whether in size, weight, or other characteristic, rely on Caster Concepts to provide the exact caster to conquer your challenge. We specialize in providing heavy duty industrial caster wheels for equipment moving & custom solutions for unique applications, and cater to engineers by offering:

Online CAD Model tool

  • Enables customization of one of thousands of existing models
  • Download models in one of over 50 formats, ensuring compatibility with your design application

Engineering Design Services

  • Our engineering team will work with you to design the exact caster needed
  • Provide a model in a format that easily integrates into your design
  • Provide years of experience, identifying issues that may be overlooked

Flexible Manufacturing Process

  • Easily accommodate custom designs
  • Ensures specifications are met with the highest precision

We have developed custom solutions for a large variety of unique applications including:


Custom transports for Railroad Cars with steel track wheels

Casters for Heavy Equipment









Casters for a Jet Engine Transport carrying a 40 ton load

Heavy Duty Caster Wheels






Huge casters with axles to move 200,000lb load on a Steel Transporter

Industrial Caster Wheels

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