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Wade King

Wade King

When considering the key factors to a quality heavy duty industrial caster, the focus is often on engineering, design and materials. The assembly process is often overlooked, although it is critical to product quality. A high quality assembly process requires high quality people. That’s why we employ people like Wade King to supervise assembly.

Wade is a craftsmen who takes pride in building a quality product. His favorite part of the job is getting the chance to work with his hands, to build high quality products from scratch. Wade’s the type of guy that isn’t satisfied with just getting the job done, he wants the job done right. He is a prime example of the “Beyond Standard” difference.  “Wade King is the kind of guy that I could use 20 of, he is knowledgeable, he is hard working, and he is constantly trying to do his job in a more efficient fashion.  Wade is also working very hard to become one of the key leaders in the business and I am thankful for his efforts”, said Caster Concepts President, Bill Dobbins.

Outside of work Wade enjoys spending time fishing and with his wife and three kids.  He also applies his dedication to craftsmanship outside of his job, his hobby is restoring antique watercrafts.  He is currently working on restoring a wooden 1956 Century boat, knowing Wade this boat will look better than new when he is done.

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