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Travis Foster

Travis Foster

“Travis Foster embodies the worker profile that we find most valuable at Caster Concepts” stated General Manager, Andrew Dobbins. “Due to our make-to-order approach to manufacturing, we need to have talented individuals that have a variety of skills sets. With a flexible work force we are able to move people to the areas that are most constrained and needing key labor involvement.”

Travis Foster, our lead assembler, started working at Caster Concepts in the spring of 2013. During his time at CCI he has developed skills in welding, painting, polyurethane, and assembly.  Travis loves having the opportunity to work with his hands and will tell you that working at Caster Concepts “is more than a job, it’s a career.  Before being employed at Caster Concepts, he worked as a dispenser technician at Pepsi Corporation in Texas.  Travis decided to move to Michigan to be closer to family.

Outside of work Travis enjoys spending time with his family, particularly instilling his passion for motocross in his kids.  Travis is a highly decorated racer, boasting a collection of trophies, plaques, and metals numbering in the hundreds.  While injuries have caused him to step away from competition in recent years, he has been teaching his son, Devon, how to ride and has even begun constructing a practice track at his nearby home in Olivet.  Travis and his wife Tabitha are looking forward to taking Devon and their two year old daughter, Lilli, ice fishing this winter.

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